How to works for fine threading ?

I have mede several thousand threaded parts whitout any problems, at least not from software side =)
Most parts are mede for general use and they are not measured, but some of parts were made for aircraft industry and couple were made for satellites and those parts customer inspected with CMM.
Latest inspected part was made for local well driller. Thread was taper with 5mm pitch. Because we didnt have drawings, only old damaged sample part we made cmm measurements both old and ne part. In new part it was interesting to find that total pitch eror was only 0,03mm over 85mm lenght, and inspector told that accuracy of this kind of measurement is 0,02mm.
Currently we use rev. 3.00. we have not used newer revisions even we were told that rev. 3 have bug in threading, but as it works for us then why fix if it is not broken =)
Rev. 3.00 currently have been used more than 2700 working hours. Older revision work time I have not recorded, but my estimation is close 4000h.
The lathe is gildemeister NEF480 and spindle is just AC induction motor and VFD not servo.
So at least in big machines single pulse per revolution works for threading just fine!


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