Can i search YouTube for wood turning ?

If one picture is worth 10,000 words (as the old advertising slogan has it) the first thing I'd do is search YouTube for wood turning videos.
You'll find video of lathe tutorials, lathe reviews, lathe advertising, and people showing off the cool new things they just made.
Watching them will better help you get a handle on tool position, which chisels one uses for what sort of cut, tool sharpening, etc. than any sort of purely verbal description can. There are even quite a number specifically about turning wooden miniatures.
Also, your local public library will have how-to books on wood lathes, or should be able to get such on loan from other branches.
Keep in mind that most of the discussion on this board revolves around machining metal, not wood. And while the abstract principles of the two are the same, the specific techniques are significantly different.
Also, if turning wood is your main interest, as well as you might sign up with the Yahoo groups or Google groups geared specifically to wood turning. The yahoo group called "TurningAndTalking" looks promising. It seems pretty active.


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